What I have gained through my guidance into The Divine/ Wealth Game of Life with Dr. London is worth more money than has ever been printed and more time than has ever been granted. With the masterful guidance of Dr. London I have created an entire new life free of limitation, worry, doubt and fear. I now live in a world where truly everything is not only possible, it’s instantaneously made manifest. This is what it truly means to live fully connected, awakened, enlightened and at peace. I am committed to being what Dr. London is to me for everyone I encounter…he is truly a gift in the present, which exists beyond time. I am infinitely grateful. ~ Jessica Spencer

Things just occurred out of no where. Prices were cheaper. People were nicer and sweeter. I requested my favorite parking space in front of where live, and it was available. I’m feel like I’m dancing among the Stars. Please excuse me, I just had to send this e-mail. You are sooooo Right. Thanks is not enough and never will be. All Divine Love and More, Your Student, Shirley

Dr. London is a great friend and teacher. He provided many tools to help me create more magic and abundance in my life. Along with his knowledge, he is also very caring, authentic, and fun to work with. His personal touch and dedication to my growth and success is very professional and moving.  ~ Mai Vu, Chief Inspiration Officer, Executive Coach, Global Leadership

Working with Dr. London has made a lasting and powerful impact on my personal and professional life. My relationships with my husband, children, family and friends are richer because I’ve learned to connect with others on a deeper level. My work life is more fulfilling and rewarding because I’ve learned to affirm where I want to go next and make it happen. My relationship with my SELF is better than ever because I’ve learned to choose health and happiness and to create those in my life and continuously recreate them. Dr. London taught me how to “push the energy” of life in the direction that I want it to go, to create the life that I WANT, and it WORKS! I can honestly say I feel more confident and assured in the life I’m living and creating than ever before. I continue to practice what Dr. London taught me so I continue to enrich my life and relationships. I now live a more fearless life than I ever did before and feel strong, optomistic, confident, and fearless in all aspects of my life. Thanks to the work with Dr. London, I’m forever changed for the better and my life continues to improve in every way possible! ~ Lora De La Cruz, Educator

Dr. Richard London has been an inspirational force for me and my family for over 2 years. His positive outlook and teachings have helped us reach new heights in accomplishments both spiritual and material. His bright outlook and positive energy has brought us great satisfaction and confidence. THANK YOU DR. LONDON! ~ T Martinho

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