At Richard London’s, Prodigymind Companies™, we understand the Problems, Tasks, and Questions that organizations struggle with every day.How can you keep your Emerging Leaders on the Fast Track, shortening their learning curves and increasing their impact? How can you align short and long term goals, so individual progress is linked to the success of the group? How can you Motivate and Inspire People and Improve Performance, and Retention? And how can you make Training Programs that Stay in Place, so people apply what they learn to their work?We understand all these questions — and we have the answers.

The Total Masterpiece Program delivers the industry’s most Advanced, Systematic, and Results-Oriented Total Personal and Business Coaching Services. Our team of world-class coaches works person-person with managers at every level of an organization, using our proven effective methods to help Personal Individuals, Corporate Leaders release their Maximum Potential. We also provide companies with unique impact services, including pre-coaching assessments and post-coaching analyses.

The Masterpiece Program Results are Powerful and Effective. Individuals achieve new levels of Respect, Self-Reliance, Clarity, and Personal and Professional Drive. They take Immediate Action in All Aspects of their Lives, They Communicate Better, Contribute More, and they inspire others to do the same, The Personal and Business information that comes out of these phone sessions remains 100% Confidential, our Proprietary programs, Technology, Systems, allows all parties to analyze data collectively, so we can provide Individuals and Companies with Fast track information on Personal, Professional, Organizational Strengths, Needs, Gaps, Solutions and World Trends, as well as detailed reports on the far-reaching impact of coaching initiatives and new effective programs.

Whether we are Serving a Lone Professional or a Fortune100/500 Corporation, We Always Deliver the most Effective, Easy and Accessible and Adaptable Total Coaching Services in the Personal and Business World Marketplace.

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