Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Spain and Italy. The Masterpiece Program™ was formed in February, 2000 as the Training Arm of The Prodigymind Companies®.

After over 25 years in Consulting, Recruitment, and Advising Fortune 100/500 companies and Startup’s .We make it possible for organizations to take advantage of the benefits of Business Coaching on a broad scale, providing one-on-one coaching that’s Easy, Intelligent and Cost-Effective for corporate managers at every level. We’re also are setting a new benchmark for RESULTS!,Delivering services that have a Positive, Lasting, and Measurable Impact on Professional People and Organizations Worldwide.

Why Us?

We conduct front-end assessments to prepare Companies, Individuals, and Coaches for coaching concepts, improving our ability to meet unique Personal and Business NEEDS. On the back-end, we follow up with Clarity Reports, Impact analyses, producing detailed reports of the learning, achievements, and changes that result in the “Positive Impact” of Your Successful FUTURE.

Our unique Masterpiece Program and Technology lets us provide companies and Individuals with new insights into their Lives, and Workforce. While all personal information is 100% Confidential, we can analyze data collectively, extracting valuable new information on individual and organizational strengths, weaknesses, gaps, trends, and NEEDS.

With the Masterpiece Programs, Systems, and Processing of Quantitative and Qualitative information; Individuals and Companies can gauge the actual return on investments in their Career, Life, Business, Corporation, etc. that reflect the Positive and Successful methods Learned by Our Leading Coaches.

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