Dr. Richard London – Doctorate Of Business Life

I was sitting in my office thinking about what it would feel like to have a Doctorate of Life at the age of 18 years old.  Imagine being 18 years old and having the wisdom, clarity, wellness tools, financial tools and language tools to create a Life filled with Wealth, Wellness, Love, Peace and Spirituality in Abundance and balance for your entire lifetime.  I did all these things for my life.  I know what you are experiencing in your life.  I conquered my fears, blocks, veils and rewrote my unhealthy agreements.

The new life I created for myself and my family was wonderful.  I would awake every day feeling complete happiness as a person, happiness in my family, and following a career filled with purpose. This purposeful life allowed me to create abundance at the highest level.  For the first time in my lifetime I knew everything was possible.  I created successful companies, millions in revenue and profits, houses, clothes, cars and more…….


The outcome of this creative process was the creation of a new revolutionary doctorateoflife lifepath called Wellnessaire.  Wellnessaire allows humans from every walk of life to create wealthwellnesslovepeace and spirituality in abundance and balance.  Yes, you now have a real lifepath,Becoming a Wellnessaire!!!!!.  This is a real tool which brings you to the place of fulfilliment, accomplishment, peace and knowing that you DID IT.  You are there living the life of your dreams. Bravo!!!! to You.


Doctorate of life Wellnessaire Professional, Dr. Richard London





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